Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exodites: Conversion Tutorial

I know I've been quiet for a while, but Uni sucked up a lot of my time this week.  So, to make up for that, I decided to throw together a tutorial for converting Exodites or plastic Rangers/Pathfinders, for a relatively cheap cost.
1x Guardian Defender Squad ($55 AUD)
1x Wood Elf Glade Guard Kit ($50 AUD)
This gives you enough to construct 10, individually posed models that are already cheaper then the Finecast Rangers which are $110 AUD for 10, with only five poses and also will have an additional 6 spare components for future conversions.

Now, onto the tutorial.  Once again, I apologise for the picture quality, I am looking for a camera right now, but for now I am still limited to my iPhone.

Assemble the guardian as per normal, however using a Glade Guard head and leaving the back off.
Here I used the hooded head, though it is generally best to go for a 70:30 mix of hooded to non-hooded heads for variation's sake.

If you turn over the model, you will notice that the entire back half of the torso is missing, and there is a peg sicking out the back
At this stage, you need too clip off the peg on the back.
Slice off two small pieces of excess sprue, ensuring that they will fit on either side of the model's back.


Clean up a Glade Guard's cape, removing any flash or mould lines.
Apply plastic glue over the entire back of the model and put the two pieces of sprue into their previous positions.  
Quickly apply glue over the entire back again, including the off cuts and attach the cape, with the circular component of the cape sitting in between the two off cuts of sprue, which should give it an area to adhere upon and also filling the large gap where the backpack of the Guardian normally goes. 

Leave it sitting face down until the glue dries then paint as you see fit!

So that's how I do them!
Any thoughts, criticisms or unfathomable rages?

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