Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Calling all Eldar Accepters

Calling all Eldar bloggers!
Do you want to support our cause in creating a far more accepting and non-segregated blogging world
Do you have a genuine love for Eldar?
Do you wish to save their species from extinction?
Do you want to change the galaxy, saving one Eldar at a time?
If so, join our blogroll!
Drop a comment with a link to your Eldar related blog and I'll add you quite happily. Hopefully, this site will eventually become a meeting point as such for all Eldar players, but we need your help to achieve this dream!

6 mutterings:

IDICBeer said...

Lots of Eldar stuff on my Blog:

You can find my logo there to add to the Blog if you wanted go go that far

I will add you to my Blog roll back

idget said...

Done and done!
I also grabbed the logo as well; I'm always happy to promote other blogs!

Silar Lannanaris said...

There is quite a bit of Eldar craftworld goodies on my site, as well as a new formed painting competition and a Badab War group.

idget said...

I've heard of that competition, never really had a good look at that point though... something I now regret.
Happy to have you join the group!

IDICBeer said...

Thanks, that's great

Eric said...

Here is my blog:

I have been primarily focused on my Knights of Blood army for close to the last year so that has also accounted for the bulk of my content. In my heart of hearts though I am an Eldar player first and foremost.

If the lack of recent Eldar content leads you to feel like not adding me to your blogroll I will understand. :)

Though I am beginning my foray into the darker side of the Eldar race and that will be a large part of my future content.

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