Thursday, June 2, 2011

Codex Choices for Harlequins

So recently I've been beginning to construct some basic lists for my various Eldar factions; which did, however, initially create some difficulties in regards of which Codex to take.
After some thought, I decided to post up my general thoughts on Harlequins with regards towards which Codex to take and why.

Ok, so these guys are within both Codex's, however this limits you to a single elite choice. So with regards to counts as, (haters gonna hate) Dark Eldar are the best choice. Wyches can be used as mimes with very little conversion work, expect a guide soon, and can also be placed in venoms, the original Eldar transport.
Webway portals are also very fluffy, being one of the main ways Harlequins traverse the galaxy, further creating an accurate representation of them.

For the HQ choice, my personal choice is Lady Malys for one major reason; the character's fluff seems to make reference to the l
Laughing God, well at least that's my understanding of it...

So that's my justification for using the Dark Eldar Codex, what do you guys think of it? Do you use the Eldar Codex?

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phoenix83 said...


I play craftworld eldar and have about 4000pts I can throw down with (I have also just started space wolves so I guess I am on both sides of the internet army fence huh?). I have not ever used harlequins so I am not sure of their potential on the battlefield, how do you think they stack up against banshees and scorpions?

As for your codex choice, I think that you are right in that the dark eldar codex seems to fit the theme better. You take harlequins as elites, wyches as troops to represent mimes, venoms as transports (they were in the harlequin codex after all) and I think you could get away with reaver jetbikes as harlequins on bikes as they seem to fit the theme better to me than guardian jetbikes do. How about scourges as death jesters as well? In the old list from 3rd ed they teleported about the battlefield, which could be represented with the scourges deep strike and jump infantry rules.

Also, from my memory of malys' fluff, the entity she encountered sounds a lot like the laughing god. I mean, how many other webway dwelling entities are they that we know of?

The only question I have about using the dark eldar book is what do you plan to do about the power from pain rule? It doesn't really fit the harlequins background does it? Especially as the harlequins themselves won't have it!

idget said...

The power through pain rule is a bit of an issue in this regard...
With the Wyches being Mimes, my train of thought is heading towards it representing some sort of mimicking of fallen enemy's or something...
But yeah, it is quite hard to justify.

As for the uses of Harlequins, generally they fall into a particular niche, being foot orientated craftworlders.
Have 3 squads of ten with a Shadowseer means that the Harlies can advance across the field somewhat safely until the get close enough with the enemy.
Then your troops consist of pathfinders, whom gather a 2+ cover save, further limiting the effectiveness of your opponent's shooting. Add a few Wraithlords for anti tank and your good to go!
In mech lists though, I personally believe that Banshees with a farseer are far more cost effective.
It pretty much depends on your playstyle *feels AbusePuppy's rage from the other end of the world*

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