Saturday, June 11, 2011

Craftworld Eldar Codex Analysis: An Introduction.

Hey guys,
This is the beginning of what will hopefully be the beginning of a somewhat regular column, which will be, as implied by the name, a analysis of the Eldar codex.
Each unit will have it's own dedicated post, where I will cover several major areas, Tactical Value, Theme, and Painting and Modelling.

I'll begin fairly shortly with the HQ choices for Eldar, however, I will group the Pheonix Lords together into one post,starting with generic characters and working my way through the Special Characters.

Any thoughts, criticism or unfathomable rage?

2 mutterings:

Calos the Bonesinger said...

I think its a great idea. I am looking forward to them.

Radical Edward said...

Sounds like a decent idea, I'm down to read your thoughts :)

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