Monday, June 20, 2011

EAS Proposed Posting Schedule

So, being the 1337 organiser that I am /sarcasm I felt that it would be beneficial to compose some form of schedule for my posts here, mainly to enforce myself to update the blog and also to ensure that you guys know when and what I will be posting.
If I don't, feel free to... encourage me. Drive-bys, muggings or even a well written and mildly polite *gasp! U Mad Bro?* email or whatever. Just don't visit me in person... that would be somewhat concerning and I will claim no responsability for damage caused on the grounds of self defence.
Anyway, as Shakespeare said "Too much ado about nothing" the waffle shall end! Don't look too excited... please, it makes me feel sad.

Monday: This week in Non-Competitve Gaming or Rant Day!
Wednesday: Eldar Codex Review
Friday: Some form of hobby article and such
Sunday: Something delightfully self centred about my hobby progress and the like, commonly known as the day to be avoided.

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Radical Edward said...

Whatever works best for you man, don't burn yourself out! Initially I was trying to post once a day, but it didn't quite work out when my main subject was painting and my camera went away to a festival! :)

It can be hard to stick to regular posting, but it seems to pay off, so best of luck!

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