Sunday, June 5, 2011

Croneworld Eldar: Which Codex

Firstly, a disclaimer. These guys are supported by the fluff with regards towards their worship of Chaos.

My encounter with Croneworld Eldar began a long, long, time ago; in a galaxy far far away.
I was sitting in the basement of my parents house, whilst Mum told me to visit the Unemployment Centre (Gawsh I know; Plastic men demand my attention woman!) during my daily stalking of Brent, I believe there is a saying "What goes around comes around" is there not Brent; when I stumbled upon his Eldar

These became a prime example for mr of what a Croneworld Eldar army should look like.
No tanks, transports or Harlequins, just some crazy Chaos Elves running around with guns.
In all seriousness, I really like this list.

Storm Guardians are an excellent choice for both fluff and conversions, with some Daemonette weapons and heads clearly illustrating their... questionable lifestyle choices.

Dark Reapers and Fire Dragons howeveer, whilst being necessary, do not really fit the theme. With some conversions, they'll look fine, but are too armoured and powerful for my tastes in this kind of army.

IN CONCLUSION (As in, more to the point)

The Craftworld Eldar Codex seems more fitting with regard to unit choices, as Deldar seem too reliant on transports and Webway portals, neither of which the Croneworlders should have.

Storm Guardians form an excellent core for the army, being both fluffy and very easy to convert.
Wraithlords, Wraithguard and any other kind of heavily armoured beasties do not fit in either.
The Avatar however is an exception, mainly due to that story in the Chaos Daemons Codex, where the Avatar becomes possessed by a Kreper of Secrets, presenting interesting conversion opportunities.
Scorpions, Banshees and Hawks all fit the theme as well, with hawks perhaps having some dorm of Daemonic wings.
Reapers and Dragons are necessary for that anti tank and MEQ killing ability, but are too well armed for my liking, So use at your own discretion.
I feel stupid for having to mention this, but don't ever include Harlequins. the only time a croneworlder sees them is when they cop it in the face from their feet.

So there we go! Any criticisms, advice or rage to be spared may be put into words below in the comments. My format is still very much WIP, so any thoughts on it are more than welcome.

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