Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exodites: It has just begun...

Well, this is the humble beginnings of my new Exodite army...  I'm still restricted to my iPhone, so once again I apologise for the quality of the pictures; they look much better in real life, I assure you!
Well, without further ado I shall begin!
War Walker

Back of War Walker

Blurry Exodite


I do intend to have a conversion guide or painting guide up this friday, one of the two.
They are mainly a kitbash, but with some fiddly bits and the painting is also somewhat straight forward, albeit time consuming.
And there we have it!
Thought, criticisms, unfathomable rage?
How do you guys go about it?

3 mutterings:

Warflake said...

I've not seen an Exodites army before, they look great, really like the colour scheme.

IDICBeer said...

Coming along nicely, what will you do with the bases?

idget said...

I'm planning on getting some resin bases later on, however I can't really find some fitting ones.
If I still can't find any, I may just stick some of Army Painter's flock on them.

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