Monday, June 6, 2011

This Week in Non-Competive Gaming: Capitalist Workshop, Enough is enough

Ok so I'm sure many have heard a lot of whining from others about GW, complaints that I haven't been publicly debating on the forums.
As an Australian, I've grown used to being the red headed stepson of GW's pricing, which were definatly annoying, but I could deal with.
The embargo is also somewhat irksome, but I always can get friends in the UK to pick it up and ship it to me.
Finecast personally is a change I have welcomed, after one squad of metal Harlequins or Wraiths you quickly grow in resentment for metal... *grumble grumble*
But it's the latest, most recent change that has sent me over the edge. Living in WA, our capital is the second most isolated city in the entire world, severally limiting gameplay.
Often Perth gamers are left with a choice of either going down to their local GW (3 in the entire city and surrounding suburbia) or 1 decent independant retailer, as in, the only one that has tables, a decent range and good employees.

The choice is fairly obvious, as I'd rather not get drowned by the "Z0MG GR3Y K1GH75! 50 1337!!!" marketing approach of GW.
In their infinite wisdom, GW have now decided tk attack Independent Retailers, if the rumours are true, refusing to give them black boxes and now shutting down almost all rumours, even the Incoming! articles one week prior to launch, forcing people to buy White Dwarfs for some form of rumours.
Oh, about that, GW now has apparently decoded that subscribers shall recieve their WD late and will have to visit their local friendly, *cough* capitalist *cough* GW store to read them...

So for those whom TL;DR
1. GW is now attacking Independent Retailers
2. They are forcing White Dwarfs down our throats more than ever.

If these rumours are true, then methinks Mantic's new Sci-Fi game system may have a large boost...

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