Monday, June 20, 2011

TWINCG - Finecast is Fine?

For this instalment of This Week In Non-Competitive Gaming, I thought I would tackle the most controversial issue at this time, namely Citadel Finecast.
One simply has to cast their eyes upon any blog or forum to be bombarded by a deluge of nerd raging, coma inducing posts about Finecast, orientated towards the price and quality.
Well, I actually like love Finecast! At first I thought it may have been a single, decent sculpt that I had purchased, I mean, the internets cannot be wrong can they?
Well, in that mindset I purchased no less than six models, all of which were excellent.
Obviously you wont take my word for it so here are some pictures to prove it, taken prior to any cleaning or repair work (None of which was necessary, save chopping off flash)


Death Jester

Warlocks x2
My iPhone takes bad pictures I know... My camera is being repaired though! 
Honestly, the detail is amazing on these guys, the Death Jester's base is a prime example of this.  A every single rivet is clearly visible, which when I look at the metal verison, I cannot even see!
I thought the damn thing was some ruin or something... Time to repaint it methinks.

To test the strength of the material by hurling dropping a fortunate (Pun!) Farseer, which just bounced around, without a single chip or breakage.

The models went together nicely, are light and not overtly toxic.  I did a very dodgy cutting job in my room, went to sleep, woke up perfectly healthily, unlike far less exposure from FW resin leading to sickness.  Also, the releasing agent is already cleaned off, so no baths needed!

Well, there we have it!
Thoughts, criticisms, unfathomable rage?

2 mutterings:

eriochrome said...

Maybe GW has started to get their production and quality control in line now. Ofcourse I just saw two other posts today with shoddy finecast stuff.

idget said...

Maybe, considering this was bought recently...

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