Friday, June 24, 2011

Storm of Magic. Son, I am Disappoint

Well, initially, I was very excited about the release of Storm of Magic, being a Fantasy player myself. However it has turned into a bit of a failfest.
8th Edition already has some serious flaws, like OP magic and hordes and now these are becoming even more pronounced in the new expansion, and I quote
...With monumental spells, wizards raining meteors out of the sky and monsters the size of houses tearing up enemy units with impunity.
Added to that, they have got none other than Mat Ward to write the damn thing, with his previous foray into Fantasy resulting in the monstrosity  that was the Chaos Daemons Army Book, one which even a inexperienced player could throw down almost any list and have a excellent chance of winning.
Needless to say, Mat Ward should never ever be given permission to write an Army Book again, yet alone an entire expansion.

Some of the models are nice though, like the Dark Elf Dragon, however some are be quite lacklustre.

Then, in their brilliance, they gave us this... thing
Yes that's right, a giant, finecast chicken.
What is it even meant to resemble? Some snake, lizard, griffon, chicken?  From here on in, I shall call it the Snazariffonken.  Much more of an accurate name in my opinion. 
GW then call it a sniper, which is utterly insane.  If I was on a battlefield, I don't think  a gigantic chicken would be very concealed, more sticking out like a tumour, which is incredibly accurate in describing what it is.

I don't think my Wood Elves will be coming out much in the near future, rather, I'll stick to Eldar, where GW can't feth us up any more than they already have...
And now I've jinxed myself...

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