Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exodites: Resin Bases?

I know, I know...
Today was meant to be a Codex Review Day, but I haven't finished it yet, Seer Councils require significant depth.
Do not despair however! I will put it up on the weekend, provided it is completed by then of course.

Rather, today I am going to discuss the main choices of resin bases for Exodite armies.
Such bases tend to be more urban orientated, so there is a very limited choice, however with any luck, the ones I've found will suit your taste.

First up we have Dragon Forge's Lost Empire base range, which only cos about $1 a base and have a wide variety of sizes for all models you have.

Our next items are from the Back 2 Base-ix's Forest line.
These are limited too 3 sizes, 25mm, 40mm and 60mm but only around $8 for a pack of ten.
It may also just be me, but I feel like these are too awkward with regards to placement of your models, particularly with my exodites, whose capes would never agree with the logs and whatnot. 

These come in the same sizes of Back 2 Base-ix's bases, but are much cheaper, costing around $6 for 10 25mm bases.

The final range I am going to present here is ForgeCraft Games' Highland Crag line, which come in many sizes and are also very affordable, costing $16.50 for 25 bases, which seem to be of decent quality as well.

However, they do appear, for want of a better word, gloopy, almost like the resin wasn't fully set when removed or something of the like.

So that concludes my resin base catalogue, so to speak.
Personally, I am going to choose the Dragon Forge bases, which I really love, contrasting nicely with the colour scheme of my exodites.
What's your choice?
Thoughts, criticisms, unfathomable rage?

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IDICBeer said...

Some nice bases there, the Dragon Forge bases are a great choice, I like them

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